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Several new developments from The programs TENEF USA is sponsoring.

Several new developments from The programs TENEF USA is sponsoring.

Java Programming Introduction Session at IBF Technology and Research Center

The partnership so far developed between Ika Builders Forum, Salesforce, Cedar Park High School Robotics team and the Technology Learning Center is providing life transforming experience for youths both in Texas and in Nigeria.

TENEF Mission: Building strong communities by empowering and educating the youths.

Report on Java Programming Introduction Session at IBF Technology and Research Center

Date: June 15, 2024


IBF Technology and Research Center, IKA Akwa Ibom state.


The IBF Technology and Research Center recently hosted an introductory session on Java programming and the BlueJ programming software for teenagers, aiming to elevate their coding skills. This session was part of a larger initiative to foster interest and proficiency in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) among Nigerian students. The event featured contributions from The Tenef Team, CPHS Robotics Team, community volunteer James Kevin, and remote assistance from Pastor Ini Nwoko in the United States, utilizing the Starlink network for seamless internet connectivity.

Session Overview

The session provided a comprehensive introduction to Java, covering essential topics such as:

1. Syntax in Java:
Fundamental rules and structure for writing Java code.
2. Importance and Uses of Java: Discussing Java’s versatility in software development, application creation, and its significance in various industries.
3. Security of JavaScript and Platforms: Emphasizing the security features of Java and its robust platform independence.

Participants were guided through the process of downloading and installing BlueJ, an integrated development environment (IDE) specifically designed for educational purposes. This hands-on experience was crucial for building practical coding skills.

Key Participants
– The Tenef Team
– CPHS Robotics Team
– James Kevin (Community Volunteer)
– Pastor Ini Nwoko (Remote Assistance from the United States)

Technological Support
The session benefited from the advanced Starlink network, ensuring high-speed internet access which was critical for downloading software and accessing online resources.

Benefits of STEM-Based Coding Projects
1. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Coding projects require logical thinking and problem-solving, essential skills for STEM fields.
2. Fostering Creativity: Developing software and applications encourages creativity as students design and implement their ideas.
3. Career Readiness: Proficiency in programming languages like Java opens up numerous career opportunities in technology and engineering.
4. Global Collaboration: Utilizing platforms like Starlink and online tools fosters global collaboration and connectivity, preparing students for a globalized workforce.
5. Building Resilience: Coding teaches persistence and resilience, as debugging and troubleshooting are integral parts of the development process.
6. Improved Academic Performance: Engagement in STEM projects often correlates with better performance in academic subjects due to enhanced analytical skills.

The Java programming introduction session at the IBF Technology and Research Center successfully provided teenagers with valuable coding skills and insights into the vast potential of Java. This initiative highlights the importance of STEM education and its role in preparing students for future technological advancements and career opportunities. The collaboration between local and international teams, facilitated by cutting-edge technology, underscores the global effort to nurture the next generation of innovators.

Prepared by:
James Kevin
Community service Volunteer

June 15, 2024

IBF Technology and Research Center

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