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We are

Our Vision:

Building strong families
to build strong communities

Our Mission

Building strong communities by
empowering & educating our youth.

Our core values

We are aware that educating individuals, families and communities requires deliberate compassionate action. To achieve our Mission, we shall conduct our service to the communities with patience, understanding, and consideration.
Team Work
Building strong communities requires teamwork. We will work diligently through building strategic partnership networks to give youths and their families access to opportunities.
We recognize that how we do our work and how we collaborate with others is just as important as what we are seeking to accomplish.
We commit to seeing the greatness in every life we serve. We will work with families and youth in all settings, so they may see their potential, just as we do.
We will treat one another with respect and kindness, as well as develop programs to help families do the same.
Our focus

we do

How do we help our youth?

T.E.N.E.F. initiates and supports community programs which teach young people to become responsible individuals, to be good fathers and mothers and to be leaders of their communities and therefore improve quality of life for families and communities around the world.
If you do not know you can be different than who you “believe” you are, then you can never be better than the person you perceive yourself to be.

How will we help them to change their lives?

T.E.N.E.F. has three areas of focus: Education, Research, Values
Creating Programs to teach and train our target audience. (See Project List)
Provide Resources for individuals and organizations
Partner with like-minded organizations

Who will do these programs?

Our programs will be conducted by to-be-paid staff, volunteers, and partnering non-profits which share our vision and purpose. Board members (hopefully will lead groups to target and accomplish program goals)

Get Involved !

A world of educated children starts with you

Get Involved !

A world of educated children starts with you


WHERE WILL T.E.N.E.F. HELP: The Foundation calls Abiakana in Ika Local Government of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria its home. The Foundation’s operational international headquarters shall remain Houston, Texas, USA.
WHO ARE WE HELPING? Community Programs which meet and fulfill our mission statement. Young Adults (18 – 25) Teenager (15 – 18)


Partner with

A partnership with TENEF USA will blend your organization’s goals with our programmatic objectives.

Partners are critical to our success in improving the lives of children across low-income countries. Whether through a grant, an employee engagement effort, or other initiative, we work together to help scale our impact, while meeting our shared goals.


Our office

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Come and visit our office or simply send us an email anytime you want. Your suggestions are welcomed
Houston Office
440 Benmar Drive, Suite 3056
Houston, Texas 77060
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    Building strong communities by empowering and educating our youth.
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    Copyright by T.E.N.E.F USA. All rights reserved.

    Copyright by T.E.N.E.F USA. All rights reserved.