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In today’s interconnected world, access to information and digital literacy are fundamental requirements for personal growth and economic development. Unfortunately, underserved communities often lack the necessary resources and opportunities to embrace the digital revolution fully. The ongoing ICT training project at IBF Secretariat serves as a bridge, addressing the digital divide and empowering these students...

In Ika Community, a remarkable transformation has taken place, thanks to the unwavering efforts of Thomas and Eno Nwoko Educational Foundation (TENEF) and their partnership with Ika Builders Forum (IBF). Through their collaborative initiatives, TENEF has brought about positive change by empowering the youth with educational opportunities and technological advancements.          ...

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Building strong communities by empowering and educating our youth.
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Copyright by T.E.N.E.F USA. All rights reserved.

Copyright by T.E.N.E.F USA. All rights reserved.